Working with Storm Topologies
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Setting and Clearing Log Levels Using the CLI

To set log level from the command line, use the following command:

./bin/storm set_log_level [topology name] -l [logger name]=[LEVEL]:[TIMEOUT]

The following example sets the ROOT logger to DEBUG for 30 seconds:

./bin/storm set_log_level my_topology -l ROOT=DEBUG:30

To clear (reset) the log level using the CLI, use the following command. This reverts the log level back to what it was before you added the setting.

./bin/storm set_log_level [topology name] -r [logger name]

The following example clears the ROOT logger dynamic log level, resetting it to its original value:

./bin/storm set_log_level my_topology -r ROOT

For more information, see Apache STORM-412.