Using Apache Hive
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Use a subquery

Hive supports subqueries in FROM clauses and WHERE clauses that you can use for many Hive operations, such as filtering data from one table based on contents of another table.

A subquery is a SQL expression in an inner query that returns a result set to the outer query. From the result set, the outer query is evaluated. The outer query is the main query that contains the inner subquery. A subquery in a WHERE clause includes a query predicate and predicate operator. A predicate is a condition that evaluates to a Boolean value. The predicate in a subquery must also contain a predicate operator. The predicate operator specifies the relationship tested in a predicate query.
Select all the state and net_payments values from the transfer_payments table if the value of the year column in the table matches a year in the us_census table.
SELECT state, net_payments
FROM transfer_payments
WHERE transfer_payments.year IN (SELECT year FROM us_census); 
The predicate starts with the first WHERE keyword. The predicate operator is the IN keyword.
The predicate returns true for a row in the transfer_payments table if the year value in at least one row of the us_census table matches a year value in the transfer_payments table.