Using Apache Phoenix to store and access data
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What's New in Apache Phoenix

Phoenix in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 3.0 includes the following new features:

  • HBase 2.0 support

    This is one of the major release driver.

  • Python driver for Phoenix Query Server

    This is a community driver that is brought into the Apache Phoenix project. It Provides Python db 2.0 API implementation.

  • Query log

    This is a new system table "SYSTEM.LOG" that captures information about queries that are being run against the cluster (client-driven).

  • Column encoding

    This is new to HDP. You can use a custom encoding scheme of data in the HBase table to reduce the amount of space taken. This increases the performance due to less data to read and thereby reduces the storage. The performance gain is 30% and above for the sparse tables.

  • Hive 3.0 support for Phoenix

    It provides updated phoenix-hive StorageHandler for the new Hive version.

  • Spark 2.3 support for Phoenix

    It provides updated phoenix-spark driver for new the Spark version.

  • Supports GRANT and REVOKE commands

    It provides automatic changes to indexes ACLs, if access changed for data table or view.

  • This version introduces support for sampling tables.
  • Supports atomic update (ON DUPLICATE KEY).
  • Supports snapshot scanners for MR-based queries.
  • Hardening of both the secondary indexes that includes Local and Global.