Installing Apache Zeppelin
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Use Local Storage when Upgrading to HDP-2.6.3+

Perform the following steps to use local notebook storage when upgrading to HDP 2.6.3+ from earlier versions of HDP.

  1. Upgrade Ambari.
  2. Upgrade HDP and Zeppelin. During the upgrade, verify that the following configuration settings are present in Ambari for Zeppelin. = org.apache.zeppelin.notebook.repo.VFSNotebookRepo
    zeppelin.config.fs.dir = file:///etc/zeppelin/conf

    If necessary, add or update these configuration settings as shown above.

  3. After the upgrade is complete:
    1. Copy your notebooks and the notebook-authorization.json file from the previous Zeppelin installation directory to the new installation directory on the Zeppelin server machine.
    2. Verify that your existing notebooks are available on Zeppelin.
    When an existing notebook is opened for the first time after the upgrade, it may ask you to save the interpreters associated with the notebook.