Starting Apache Hive
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Run a Hive command

You can run most Hive commands from the command line of a node in your cluster. The hive keyword, which launches Beeline in the background, precedes the Hive command.

Hive 3 and later support only Beeline for running Hive commands from the command line. In the task below, you start Beeline in the background and enter the -e flag followed by a Hive command that lists system variables.

The following components are running:
  • HiveServer
  • Hive clients
  • You have a network connection to Beeline.
  1. On the command line of a a node in your cluster, enter the hive command to send configuration properties to standard output.
    > hive -e set
    Supported commands appear. All obsolete Hive CLI commands are supported on the Beeline command line except set key=value commands that configure Hive metastore.
  2. At the prompt, enter your user name and password for accessing Hive.
    The output includes the system variable settings:
    |                            set                                 |
    | _hive.hdfs.session.path=/tmp/hive/hive/91ecb...00a             |
    | _hive.local.session.path=/tmp/hive/91ecb...00a                 |
    | _hive.tmp_table_space=/tmp/hive/hive/91ecb...00a/_tmp_space.db |
    |                                |
    | atlas.hook.hive.maxThreads=1                                   |