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1. Document Navigation
2. SmartSense Architecture
Cluster Diagnostic Collection
Bundle Content
Bundle Security
Bundle Transport
Automated Bundle Upload
Manual Bundle Upload
Activity Analysis
3. SmartSense Installation
System Requirements
Operating System, JDK, and Browser Requirements
Software Requirements
Ambari Requirements
Requirements for Activity Analysis
Installing SmartSense with Ambari
Adding the SmartSense Service
Downloading and Installing SmartSense Binary
HST Server Placement
Activity Analyzer Placement
Installing SmartSense Gateway
SmartSense Gateway Placement
Installing and Starting SmartSense Gateway
Integrating Gateway with Ambari-Managed SmartSense
Installing SmartSense in a Non-Ambari Environment (Deprecated)
HST Server Setup (Deprecated)
HST Agent Setup (Deprecated)
Enable Capture Through the UI (Deprecated)
Integrating the Gateway with Non-Ambari Managed SmartSense (Deprecated)
Enabling Flex Support Subscription
4. SmartSense Uninstallation
Uninstalling SmartSense in a Non-Ambari Environment (Deprecated)
Uninstalling SmartSense Gateway
5. SmartSense Upgrade Scenarios
In-Place Upgrade
In-Place Upgrade with Ambari 2.5 or Newer
In-Place Upgrade with Ambari 2.4
In-Place Upgrade without Ambari (Deprecated)
Upgrading SmartSense Gateway
Upgrading to HTTPS Gateway
Upgrading from HST 1.0.x in a non-Ambari Environment (Deprecated)
6. SmartSense Ports and Traffic Flow
User Interface or Ambari View to HST Server
HST Agent to HST Server
HST Server to SmartSense Gateway
SmartSense Gateway to Hortonworks
7. SmartSense Installation Troubleshooting
SmartSense SSL Troubleshooting
Reporting Issues