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In-Place Upgrade with Ambari 2.4

When using SmartSense 1.1 or 1.2, you can upgrade to SmartSense 1.4.x without uninstalling SmartSense:

  1. Download the SmartSense 1.4.x binaries from the Tools tab of the Hortonworks support portal (

  2. Log in to Ambari web UI and stop the SmartSense service.

  3. The SmartSense 1.4.x binaries need to be manually copied to every node in the cluster.

  4. Once the binaries have been manually copied, they need to be used to upgrade the HST server and HST agents on every node in the cluster. To do so, follow the steps below:

    • RHEL, CentOS, or SLES

      rpm -Uvh smartsense-hst-HST_VERSION.rpm
    • Ubuntu or Debian

      dpkg -i smartsense-hst-HST_VERSION.deb
  5. Upgrade Ambari service and Ambari view by running the following command as the root user from the machine running the Ambari server:

    # hst upgrade-ambari-service
    Please enter Ambari Server hostname (ambari-server.hortonworks.local):
    Please enter Ambari Server port (8080):
    Please enter Ambari admin user id (admin):
    Please enter password for admin:
    Un-installing old view ...
    Installing new view ...
    Removing deprecated alerts ...
    Updating SmartSense configurations in Ambari ...
    SmartSense service upgrade completed!
    NOTE: It is required to restart Ambari Server for changes to reflect. Please restart ambari using 'ambari-server restart'
  6. Restart the Ambari server:

    # ambari-server restart
  7. After the packages are upgraded and the Ambari Service upgrade is complete, log in to Ambari web UI and start SmartSense service.

  8. Skip this step if your current version is 1.3 or higher: Since SmartSense 1.3.0 introduced two new components, Activity Analyzer and Activity Explorer, you need to add these components to Ambari. To do this:

    1. In Ambari web UI, click on Hosts and then navigate to the host on which you want to install the components.


      Refer to the Activity Analyzer Placement section for advice on which hosts to choose when placing the Activity Analyzer.

    2. Click on Add and add Activity Analyzer and then Activity Explorer component.

    3. Start Activity Analyzer and Activity Explorer components by selecting Start next to the component name.

  9. Ensure that all components are upgraded by triggering a SmartSense analysis capture, and ensure that the capture finishes successfully.

  10. If you have HST Gateway installed, upgrade your HST Gateway:

    • If the HST Gateway is installed on the same node as HST Server or HST Agent, then the HST Gateway will get upgraded along with them. This is true for Ambari managed and non-Ambari managed nodes.

    • If the HST Gateway is a standalone node, perform upgrade steps described in Upgrading SmartSense Gateway.