Installing SmartSense on HDF
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Download and Install SmartSense

Perform these steps to install SmartSense on your HDF cluster.


  1. Obtain root permissions by running sudo su
  2. Install SmartSense on all nodes of the cluster:

    CentOS and RHEL:

    yum install smartsense-hst -y

    Ubuntu and Debian:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install smartsense-hst -y


    zypper install smartsense-hst -y

    You must perform this step on all nodes of the cluster.

  3. Log into the node which runs ambari server.
  4. Run the following command to add Smartsense to the HDF stack:
    hst add-to-ambari
  5. Restart the ambari server:
    ambari-server restart

After performing these steps, log in to the Ambari web UI and add the SmartSense by using the "Add Service" wizard.