Behavioral changes in Flow Management

Review the list of Flow Management behavioral changes in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.17.

The Neo4JCypher3ClientService Controller Service has been completely removed in favor of the Neo4JCypherClientService controller service, which uses a more recent version of the underlying library.

As part of NIFI-11614 and to ensure better security, some restrictions around the JndiJmsConnectionFactoryProvider controller service have been implemented.

New behavior:
The default validation for the JNDI Provider URL property only allows the following URL schemes:
  • file
  • jgroups
  • ssl
  • t3
  • t3s
  • tcp
  • udp
  • vm
If an additional URL scheme is required to interact with a specific JMS solution, a NiFi admin has to configure the following Java system property in the application bootstrap.conf file to override the default list: tcp