What's new in Streaming Analytics

Learn about the new Streaming Analytics features in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.17.

The following new features are introduced in Streaming Analytics CDF for Data Hub 7.2.17:
Rebase to Apache Flink 1.16
Apache Flink 1.16 is supported in the Streaming Analytics 7.2.17 cluster definition.

For more information on what is included in the Apache Flink 1.16 version, see the Apache Flink 1.16 Release Post and the Apache Flink 1.16 Release Notes

Iceberg V2 Support
Iceberg V2 is supported for Flink and SQL Stream Builder. The V2 support allows row-level updates and deletes in Iceberg tables.
For more information, see the Iceberg with Flink and Creating Iceberg tables in SSB documentation.
Built-in Data Visualization tool
The built-in data visualization tool in SQL Stream Builder (SSB) enables you to present the sampling data and the results of the Materialized View query using widgets on Streaming SQL Console. As the widgets are integrated into SSB, the visualization tool works out of the box without any dependencies, which offers easy access to the underlying, running jobs as data sources.
For more information, see the Using widgets for data visualization documentation.
Schema Handling
Cloudera Schema Registry catalog can now handle key schemas as well based on the provided key (and value) schema name suffix for custom naming convention.
For more information, see the Adding Catalogs documentation.