Set up AWS for your ingest data flow

Learn what you need to set on the AWS side to prepare for data ingestion.

  1. Create an S3 bucket that will be the target folder for ingesting data.
    For instructions, see Create your first S3 bucket.
  2. Create a policy to allow writing into your bucket.
    For instructions, see Creating IAM policies.
  3. Create an AWS IAM role.
    You will use this AWS identity to delegate access to your S3 bucket.
  4. Apply the policy you have created to grant access to your S3 bucket to the newly create IAM role.
  5. Create a trust relationship between the AWS IAM role and the CDP IDBroker role that you create when you registered your environment to allow IDBroker to assume the AWS role.
    For more information, see Onboarding CDP users and groups for cloud storage (no RAZ).
You are ready with preparing your AWS environment. Switch back to CDP and create an IDBroker mapping.