Understand the use case

Learn how to use NiFi to move data to an Iceberg table of a data warehouse in CDP Public Cloud.

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) can be configured to use Iceberg as the table format for querying data with Impala and/or Hive. You can use Apache NiFi to move data from a range of locations into a Data Warehouse cluster running Apache Hive or Impala in CDP Public Cloud.

This use case walks you through creating a data flow that generates FlowFiles with random CSV data and writes this data into an Iceberg table in Hive or Impala.This gets you started with creating an Iceberg ingest data flow. If you want to use a different data source, you can check out the other ingest documents for get and consume data processor options.

For more information on Iceberg table format, see Apache Iceberg features.