Known issues in Cruise Control

Learn about the known issues in Cruise Control, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

Cruise Control cannot collect metrics if Kafka topics have dot in their name
The Cloudera Manager metrics fetcher returns topic and topic-partition metrics with dot in their topic name field. Even though Kafka, by default, replaces the dots with underscore, the original topic name is restored in the process of Cloudera Manager metric collection. Because of this, Cruise Control cannot match the topic names with the default topic forms in Kafka, and causes failure in the metrics collection.
Cruise Control might fail after CDP Private Cloud Base upgrade
When upgrading to a new version of CDP Private Cloud Base, during the restart Cruise Control might fail. Cruise Control needs metrics from Cloudera Manager to start up properly. After the upgrade, the metric collector might need more attempts to restart than it is configured in default. This can cause Cruise Control to fail after the upgrade.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, go to Cruise Control > Configuration.
  2. Search for Process Start Retry Attempts.
  3. Set the value to 20 for Process Start Retry Attempts.

After setting the value, continue the upgrade after restarting Cruise Control.

Cruise Control might fail at first run
When you install Cruise Control either individually or using the Compute Cluster - StreamingMessaging(Full) deployment, Cruise Control might fail at the first run. This is caused by the difference between the Security Protocol in Kafka and in Cruise Control.

To avoid and solve this issue, see the Add Cruise Control documentation.

Cruise Control capacity bootstrapping ignores deleted log directories
Log directories remain in the metrics database after a log directory is removed from Kafka. This causes Cruise Control unable to start up as it tries to query the metrics in Cloudera Manager without any data in them.
You need to stop the service monitor and delete the database (by default it can be found at: /var/lib/cloudera-service-monitor). Restart the service monitor and also Cruise Control.
Cruise Control does not package
The python client cannot be used as Cruise Control does not give any version information in HTTP response headers. In this version, Cruise Control does not support generating the file that is required by the python client for compatibility checks.
Some Kafka metrics are collected incorrectly in Cruise Control
Using the network inbound/outbound capacity goals can cause the network inbound metrics to increase in the logs.
Until the issue is resolved, avoid using the network inbound/outbound capacity goal.