Cumulative hotfix CDP PvC Base (Cumulative hotfix11)

Know more about the cumulative hotfix 11 for 7.1.8. This cumulative hotfix was released on July 4, 2023.

Following are the list of fixes that were shipped for CDP Private Cloud Base version 7.1.8-1.cdh7.1.8.p42.42657882
  • KT-7469: Keytrustee - Upgrade bcpkix-jdk15on to 1.70+ due to CVE-2019-17359
  • CDPD-58051: Hue builds are failing in sles12 with mysqlclient v2.2.0 release
  • CDPD-58042: test_retry_query_set_query_in_flight_failed failed on 7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-57902: Backport CDPD-57135 to 7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-57886: Backport IMPALA-6590 to 7.1.8 CHF
  • CDPD-57593: Backport HIVE-27373 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-57535: Revert: CDPD-48171: Temporary workaround pinning snakeyaml to 2.0 not vulnerable to CVE-2022-1471
  • CDPD-57432: Kafka Connect Ext - Upgrade wildfly-elytron to 1.15.17.Final due to CVE-2022-3143
  • CDPD-57300: Streaming Components - Upgrade jackson-databind to due to CVE-2022-42003, CVE-2022-42004
  • CDPD-57068: Backport Samsung client performance fixes
  • CDPD-56922: Fix favicon.ico config value for SSOCookieProvider in 7.1.8
  • CDPD-56627: [7.1.8] Service API access fails with 404 due to NPE and SAXParseException:No such accessible method: addFilter()
  • CDPD-56168: Backport CALCITE-4968 to CDP-PvC & PC
  • CDPD-55769: Atlas - Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.27/6.0.8 due to CVE-2023-20861, CVE-2023-20860 and CVE-2023-20863
  • CDPD-55616: Expose and Increase the default Zeppelin server scheduler thread pool size based on ZEPPELIN-3800
  • CDPD-55611: Knox - Upgrade Nimbus-JOSE-JWT to 9.24 due to CVEs coming from json-smart
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