Cumulative hotfix CDP PvC Base (Cumulative hotfix12)

Know more about the cumulative hotfix 12 for 7.1.8. This cumulative hotfix was released on July 28, 2023.

Following are the list of fixes that were shipped for CDP Private Cloud Base version 7.1.8-1.cdh7.1.8.p44.43416648

  • CDPD-59061: Backport KUDU-3489 to 7.1.8 CHF
  • CDPD-58798: Backport CDPD-56000 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58795: Backport CDPD-55339 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58794: Backport CDPD-55340 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58769: Revert CDPD-55611 (where nimbus-jose upgraded to 9.24)
  • CDPD-58616: Make Oozie depend on kafka-clients directly (was: Oozie failure on CDH 7.1.9)
  • CDPD-58610: Backport CDPD-58507 to 7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58560: test_subplan_single_node fails on 7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58545: Backport HIVE-27402 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58543: Backport HIVE-27374 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58497: Race condition in closing FadvisedFileRegion
  • CDPD-58493: Ranger - Upgrade Netty Project to 4.1.94.Final due CVE-2023-34462
  • CDPD-58418: SRM builds are failing across release lines and platforms
  • CDPD-58320: Backport IMPALA-12204 to 7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-58160: Backport CDPD-56782 to 7.1.8 CHF and 7.1.9
  • CDPD-58080: Backport SPARK-32951 to Spark 2
  • CDPD-56830: HADOOP-18233. Initialization race condition with TemporaryAWSCredentialsProvider
  • CDPD-46973: Make Logredactor dependency in Omid more explicit
  • CDPD-46049: SSH action fails when '' property contains double quotes
Table 1. Cloudera Runtime (Cumulative Hotfix 12) download URL:
Parcel Repository Location