Cumulative hotfix CDP PvC Base (Cumulative hotfix19)

Know more about the cumulative hotfix 19 for 7.1.8. This cumulative hotfix was released on February 08, 2024.

Following are the list of fixes that were shipped for CDP Private Cloud Base version 7.1.8-1.cdh7.1.8.p56.49897162

  • KT-7517: CLONE - Use the centralized logback version
  • COMPX-15948: TestContinuousScheduling#testFairSchedulerContinuousSchedulingInitTime and TestFairScheduler#testNormalizationUsingQueueMaximumAllocation fails intermittently
  • COMPX-15324: RM crashes if app is submitted to auto created queue with empty shortname
  • COMPX-7242: Fix failing unit tests: org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.scheduler.fair.TestContinuousScheduling
  • COMPX-6274: Fix failing unit test:
  • COMPX-6271: Fix failing unit test: org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.webapp.TestRMWebServicesNodesScaling.testClusterScalingInfoJson
  • CDPD-65841: [718, 719] Backport aarch64 related commits
  • CDPD-65738: CLONE - Grant permission engine not working with {user} in ranger policy
  • CDPD-65732: CLONE[718 CHF] - Execute and read permissions granted to a user in different HDFS policies does not take effect.
  • CDPD-65605: Backport 'Too many "Failed to accept allocation proposal" because of wrong Headroom check for DRF' to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-65586: [7.1.x] exclude log4j dependencies from spark-atlas-connector assembly
  • CDPD-65583: [Spark] Backport CDPD-64232 to 7.1.7 SP2, 7.1.7 SP3, 7.1.8 and 7.1.9
  • CDPD-65493: #1396168-P1-hue- Build Error
  • CDPD-65489: CLONE[7.1.8.x] - Ozone resource lookup is not working due to "Service ID specified does not match with defined in the configuration."
  • CDPD-65402: Backport CDPD-64950 to 7.1.7.SP2 and 7.1.7.SP3
  • CDPD-65314: Backport HIVE-27919 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-65313: Backport HIVE-27658 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-65255: Backport TEZ-3972 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-65049: HTTP security headers are missing from Oozie response
  • CDPD-65013: CDPD - Upgrade Apache Shiro to 1.13.0 due to CVE-2023-46750
  • CDPD-65012: Upgrade Apache Shiro to 1.13.0 due to CVE-2023-46750
  • CDPD-65003: Centralize missing dependencies of Zeppelin to CDPD
  • CDPD-64747: Use centralized gson version in Zeppelin
  • CDPD-64281: Backport HIVE-26802: Create qtest running QB compaction queries for ACID, insert-only and clustered tables
  • CDPD-64274: Atlas [7.1.8 CHFx] - Upgrade reactor-netty to 1.0.39/1.1.13 due to CVE-2023-34062
  • CDPD-64243: Backport HIVE-27643: Exclude compaction queries from ranger policies
  • CDPD-62583: HMS Upgrade to 7.1.8.x or higher version fails if Hive log level is WARN
  • CDPD-62129: Hive - Upgrade snappy-java to due to CVE-2023-34453, CVE-2023-34454, CVE-2023-34455, CVE-2023-43642
  • CDPD-61475: Hadoop - Remove json-io due to CVE-2023-34610
  • CDPD-60772: IMPALA-10086 SqlCastException when comparing char with varchar
  • CDPD-57885: Backport PHOENIX-6965 UngroupedAggregateRegionScanner.insertEmptyKeyValue() generates too many cells to 7.1 CHFs
  • CDPD-57884: Backport PHOENIX-6966 UngroupedAggregateRegionScanner.insertEmptyKeyValue() writes wrong qualifier for encoded CQ tables to 7.1 CHFs
  • CDPD-50493: Sample Data from Table Browser in Hue launches expensive queries from the Impala Views
  • CDPD-41891: Avatica - Upgrade Bouncy Castle to 1.70 due to medium CVEs
  • CDPD-11827: Backport ORC-616 "In Patched Base encoding, the value of headerThirdByte goes beyond the range of byte"
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