Cumulative hotfix 6

Know more about the cumulative hotfixes 6.

This cumulative hotfix was released on April 20, 2023.

Following are the list of fixes that were shipped for CDP Private Cloud Base version 7.1.8-1.cdh7.1.8.p28.39961806

  • COMPX-13773: YARN-11461 NPE in determineMissingParents when the queue is invalid
  • COMPX-11112: Queue Manager - Upgrade Bouncy Castle to 1.70 due to medium CVEs
  • CDPD-54703: Topic details tab does not display the lag of the consumer group
  • CDPD-54652: Backport IMPALA-12043 to CDH-7.1.8CHF6
  • CDPD-54632: Backport KUDU-3450 to 7.1.8 CHF6
  • CDPD-54383: Backport HIVE-27157 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-54381: Backport TEZ-4334 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-54108: Sqoop not proceeding on all CDPD release lines
  • CDPD-53926: Backport CDPD-51866 to 7.1.8 CHF6
  • CDPD-53924: Backport HIVE-27168 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-53920: Backport HIVE-26787 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-53917: Backport HIVE-26778 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-53914: Backport HIVE-26661 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-53884: CPX - Upgrade bouncy castle to 1.70 due to ÇVE
  • CDPD-53825: Tez - Upgrade jettison to 1.5.4 due to CVE-2023-1436
  • CDPD-53813: Impala - Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.26/6.0.7 due to CVE-2023-20861 and CVE-2023-20860
  • CDPD-53812: SMM - Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.26/6.0.7 due to CVE-2023-20861 and CVE-2023-20860
  • CDPD-53722: Knox - Upgrade OkHttp to 3.14.9/4.10.0 due to medium CVEs - PvC
  • CDPD-53422: Zeppelin build failed on 7.1.7 SP2 CHF5, 7.1.8 CHF6, 7.1.9 and cdpd-master
  • CDPD-53371: Backport HIVE-22813 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-53179: Amazon S3 sink connector fails when buffer size is reached
  • CDPD-52804: Fix Py3 compatibility issues in hbase-indexer
  • CDPD-52721: Sqoop - Replace log4j 1.x with reload4j
  • CDPD-51934: Spark - Upgrade scala compiler due CVE-2020-11022 and CVE-2020-11023 (JQuery)
  • CDPD-51876: Atlas UI: Audit tab reporting a date of 1970 in a few properties.
  • CDPD-50912: Unable to connect to impala-shell if there is a file with special character in user's home directory
  • CDPD-50694: DAG details are not available in query
  • CDPD-50423: Sqoop ClassCastExceptions when exporting from Parquet #2 (Previous ticket: CDPD-44531)
  • CDPD-50289: Hadoop - Upgrade Kerby to 2.0.3 due to CVE-2023-25613
  • CDPD-50288: CDPD - Upgrade Kerby to 2.0.3 due to CVE-2023-25613
  • CDPD-50218: [7.1.8 CHF6 CLONE] - Ranger RMS Field issues
  • CDPD-50089: [Unit test] Oozie unit test testMaxConcurrencyReached failed with Not all callables have been executed
  • CDPD-50029: Atlas: CVE-2023-24998-upgrade commons-fileupload library to version 1.5
  • CDPD-49648: Upgrade chart.js to 2.9.4+ due to CVE-2020-7746
  • CDPD-49427: Atlas - Replace log4j 1.x with reload4j - 7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-48281: [hue] add limit request field configs to hue
  • CDPD-48029: Hadoop - Upgrade jettison to 1.5.2 due to CVE-2022-45685 and CVE-2022-45693
  • CDPD-47987: CDPD - Upgrade Netty to 4.1.86.Final due to CVE-2022-41881, CVE-2022-41915
  • CDPD-46671: CDPD - Upgrade commons-codec to 1.13 or higher
  • CDPD-44531: Sqoop cannot export parquet data due to ClassCastException (Follow-up ticket: CDPD-50423)
  • CDPD-43525: Hue - Upgrade minimist to 0.2.1/1.2.6 due to critical CVEs
  • CDPD-43518: Hue - Upgrade Async to 3.2.4 due to high CVEs
  • CDPD-41635: Zeppelin - Upgrade MathJax due to medium CVEs

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