Cumulative hotfix 7

Know more about the cumulative hotfixes 7.

This cumulative hotfix was released on May 4, 2023.

Following are the list of fixes that were shipped for CDP Private Cloud Base version 7.1.8-1.cdh7.1.8.p32.40452671

  • COMPX-11114: Queue Manager - Upgrade Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java to v28.2/31.1-jre due to low CVEs
  • CDPD-55459: Ranger - Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.27/6.0.8 due to CVE-2023-20863
  • CDPD-55419: Ranger - Upgrade json-smart to 2.4.10 due to CVE-2023-1370
  • CDPD-55399: [7.1.8.x] - Ranger admin user is unable to change another user email after the upgrade
  • CDPD-55250: Kafka Connect Ranger Plugin - Upgrade jackson-databind to due to CVE-2022-42003, CVE-2022-42004
  • CDPD-55188: Backport IMPALA-12079 to 7.1.8: NoneType object is not iterable due to uncaught exceptions
  • CDPD-55175: CPX - Upgrade guava google core to 31.1-jre due to ÇVE
  • CDPD-55130: Backport CDPD-54407 to 7.1.8 CHFx and 7.1.7 SP2 CHFx
  • CDPD-55025: Schema Registry Atlas behavior tests failing on JAVA11 for 7.1.8
  • CDPD-54867: Backport ZEPPELIN-5176
  • CDPD-54768: Backport HIVE-25503 amendment to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-54762: Backport HIVE-26404 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-54759: Backport HIVE-26288 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-54756: Backport HIVE-25492 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-54742: Py3 failure at collecting Impala breakpad dumps
  • CDPD-54664: Download operation working in infinite loop to fetch content from FS
  • CDPD-54616: 7.1.8.x - Ozone_key tag based policies are not working
  • CDPD-54600: Oozie - Upgrade JavaEWAH to 1.1.7
  • CDPD-54434: Sles15 Kudu build fails on
  • CDPD-54366: knox docker rate limit build failure
  • CDPD-53827: Zeppelin - Upgrade jettison to 1.5.4 due to CVE-2023-1436
  • CDPD-53823: Hadoop - Upgrade jettison to 1.5.4 due to CVE-2023-1436
  • CDPD-53177: SR mTLS UT certs are expired in schema-registry-webservice
  • CDPD-52783: Create new TLS certificates for SR behavior tests
  • CDPD-50765: Zeppelin - Upgrade Jetty 9.4.48
  • CDPD-50667: assistpanel fails to open files/folders in filebrowser
  • CDPD-50521: HIVE_ON_TEZ is discovered as a new service after each restart
  • CDPD-50430: SMM UI - Upgrade node.js due to CVE-2023-23918, CVE-2023-23919, CVE-2023-23920 and CVE-2023-23936
  • CDPD-49833: Backport HIVE-26789 to CDH-7.1.8.x
  • CDPD-49397: Hue - Upgrade setuptools to 65.5.1 due to CVE-2022-40897
  • CDPD-49119: Hue - Upgrade Wheel to 0.38.1 due to CVE-2022-40898
  • CDPD-48250: Import table data to external location fails for %20
  • CDPD-48149: Cannot download file when using apache knox
  • CDPD-48085: Upgrade JavaEWAH to 1.1.7
  • CDPD-47913: Ozone - Upgrade moment.js to 2.29.4 due to CVE-2022-24785, CVE-2022-31129
  • CDPD-47567: Errors in HS2 logs when downloading file from Hue
  • CDPD-43652: Hue support for '%' character in file paths and names
  • CDPD-42866: Support non ascii characters in file download
  • CDPD-42471: Zeppelin - Upgrade Bootstrap (Twitter) to 3.4.1/5.1.3 due to medium CVEs

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