Step 2: Install Java Development Kit

CDP Private Cloud Base requires a JDK installed on all hosts., you can either install OpenJDK or a Oracle JDK directly from Oracle.

There are several options for installing a JDK on your CDP Private Cloud Base hosts:
  • Install OpenJDK 8* on the Cloudera Manager server host and then allow Cloudera Manager to install OpenJDK 8* on its managed hosts. This is the automatic option.
  • Manually install a supported JDK on all cluster hosts before installing Cloudera software.


  • The JDK must be 64-bit. Do not use a 32-bit JDK.
  • The installed JDK must be a supported version as documented in .
  • The same version of the JDK must be installed on each cluster host.
  • The JDK must be installed at /usr/java/jdk-version.
* Azul OpenJDK, OpenJDK 8, OpenJDK 11, and OpenJDK 17 are TCK certified for CDP.