Adding a Cluster Using Currently Managed Hosts

This section covers the procedure for creating a cluster from existing managed hosts only. For instructions using new (currently unmanaged) hosts, see Adding a Cluster Using New Hosts.

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

Before continuing, make sure that the managed hosts have the desired CDH or Cloudera Runtime version packages pre-installed.

On the Cloudera Manager Home page, click the Add drop-down button at the top right, or the Clusters drop-down button at the top left, and then click Add Cluster. This launches the Add Cluster - Installation wizard, which allows you to create either a regular cluster or a compute cluster.

You can also launch the wizard by selecting Add Compute Cluster from the drop-down menu next to the cluster name. Launching the wizard from there skips the Welcome page and restricts the wizard to creating only a compute cluster.

The following sections guide you through each page of the wizard.