Step 2: Cluster Basics

The Cluster Basics page allows you to specify the Cluster Name and select the Cluster Type:
  • Regular Cluster: A Regular Cluster contains storage nodes, compute nodes, and other services such as metadata and security collocated in a single cluster.
  • Compute Cluster: A Compute Cluster consists of only compute nodes. To connect to existing storage, metadata or security services, you must first choose or create a Data Context on a Base Cluster.

For more information on regular and compute clusters, and data contexts, see Virtual Private Clusters and Cloudera SDX.

If you are adding a compute cluster to an existing base cluster, click Choose Data Context... to create or select a Data Context.

After selecting a cluster type and data context (if applicable), enter a cluster name and then click Continue.

After a cluster is created, you can change the cluster display name using the Rename Cluster operation, but the internal name remains same. For more information, see Renaming a cluster.