Periodic Stacks Collection

Periodic stacks collection allows you to enable and configure the periodic collection of thread stack traces in Cloudera Manager.

When stacks collection is enabled for a role, call stacks are output to a log file at regular intervals. The logs can help with diagnosis of performance issues such as deadlock, slow processing, or excessive numbers of threads.

Stacks collection may impact performance for the processes being collected as well as other processes on the host, and is turned off by default. For troubleshooting performance issues, you may be asked by Cloudera Support to enable stacks collection and send the resulting logs to Cloudera for analysis.

Stacks collection is available for the majority of roles in Cloudera Manager. For the HDFS service, for example, you can enable stacks collection for the DataNode, NameNode, Failover Controller, HttpFS, JournalNode, and NFS Gateway. If the Stacks Collection category does not appear in the role's configuration settings, the feature is not available for that role.