Viewing and Downloading Stacks Logs

Stacks are collected and logged to a compressed, rotated log file. You can view and download stacks logs.

A certain amount of the log data is in an uncompressed file. When that file reaches a limit, the file is rotated and bzip2 compressed. Once the total number of files exceeds the configured retention limit, the oldest files are deleted. Collected stacks data is available for download through the Cloudera Manager UI and API. To view or download stacks logs through the UI, complete the following steps:
  1. On the service page, click the Instances tab.
  2. Click the role in the Role Type column.
  3. Click the Stacks Logs tab.
  4. Click Stacks Log File to view the most recent stacks file. Click Download Stacks Logs to download a zipped bundle of the stacks logs.