Service Summary

Some services (specifically HDFS, MapReduce, HBase, Flume, and ZooKeeper) provide additional statistics about their operation and performance. These are shown in a Summary panel at the left side of the page.

The contents of this panel depend on the service:
  • The HDFS Summary shows disk space usage.
  • The MapReduce Summary shows statistics on slot usage, jobs and so on.
  • The Flume Summary provides a link to a page of Flume metric details.
  • The ZooKeeper Summary provides links to the ZooKeeper role instances (nodes) as well as Zxid information if you have a ZooKeeper Quorum (multiple ZooKeeper servers).
For example:

Other services such as Hue, Oozie, Impala, and Cloudera Manager itself, do not provide a Service Summary.