Viewing Service Status

You can view a summary of the status for each service.

  1. Click the Cloudera Manager logo to go to the Home page.
  2. Access the status summary.
    • In the Home > Status tab, if the cluster is displayed in full form, click ServiceName in a ClusterName table.
    • In the Home > Status tab, click ClusterName and then click ServiceName.
    • Select Clusters > ClusterName > ServiceName .
    For all service types there is a Status Summary that shows, for each configured role, the overall status and health of the role instance(s).

    Each service that supports monitoring provides a set of monitoring properties where you can enable or disable health tests and events, and set thresholds for tests and modify thresholds for the status of certain health tests.

    The HDFS, MapReduce, HBase, ZooKeeper, and Flume services also provide additional information: a snapshot of service-specific metrics, health test results, health history, and a set of charts that provide a historical view of metrics of interest.