Viewing Past Status

You can expand the Time Range Selector to view historical health, status, and chart data.

The health and status information on the Status page represents the state of the service or role instance at a given point in time. The charts (and the Logs and Events under Diagnostics) represent the time range selected on the Time Range Selector, which defaults to the past 30 minutes. You can view health, status, and chart historical data by expanding the Time Range Selector. Click the mini line chart under "admin" and move the time marker () to a point in the past.

When you move the time marker to a point in the past (for services and roles that support health history), the entire Status page updates to the time selected. A Now button () allows you to quickly return to the current state of the service. The Actions menu is disabled while viewing a past status to ensure that you cannot accidentally act on outdated status information.