Viewing Health Test Results

You can view health test results in multiple locations.

Health test results are available in the following locations:
  • Home > Status tab where various health results determine an overall health assessment of the service or role. The overall health of a role or service is a roll-up of its health tests; if any health test is Bad, the service's or role's health will be Bad. If any health test is Concerning (but none are Bad) the role's or service's health will be Concerning.
  • Hosts tab, which shows summary result for the hosts.
  • Status tab - which shows metrics for services, role instances, and hosts. These are reflected in the results shown in the Health Tests panel when you have selected a service, role instance, or host.
  • The All Health Issues tab of the Home page displays all health issues. You can sort the display by entity or by Health Test.

For some health test results, you can chart the associated metrics over a time range. See the related information for details.