Bucket Layout

Apache Ozone now supports bucket layout feature. This helps you in categorising different Ozone buckets like FSO, OBS, and Legacy.

Apache Ozone object store now supports a multi-protocol aware Bucket Layout. The purpose is to categorize Ozone Bucket based on the prominent use cases:
    • Hierarchical FileSystem namespace view with directories and files similar to HDFS.
    • Provides high performance namespace metadata operations similar to HDFS.
    • Provides capabilities to read/write using Amazon S3.
  • OBJECT_STORE (OBS) Bucket - Provides a flat namespace (key-value) similar to Amazon S3.
  • LEGACY Bucket - Represents existing pre-created buckets for smooth upgrades from previous Ozone version to the new Ozone version
You can create FSO/OBS/LEGACY buckets using following shell commands. You can specify the bucket type in the layout parameter.
  • $ ozone sh bucket create --layout FILE_SYSTEM_OPTIMIZED /s3v/fso-bucket
  • $ ozone sh bucket create --layout OBJECT_STORE /s3v/obs-bucket
  • $ ozone sh bucket create --layout LEGACY /s3v/bucket
This table explains the differences between Bucket Type and Client Interface
Bucket Type S3 Compatible Interface ofs o3fs (Deprecated, not recommended)
URL Scheme: http://bucket.host:9878/ URL Scheme: ofs://om-id/volume/bucket/key URL Scheme: o3fs://bucket.volume.om-id/key
FSO Supports Read, Write, and Delete operations Supports Read, Write, and Delete operations Supports Read, Write, and Delete operations
OBS Supports Read, Write, and Delete operations Unsupported Unsupported