Multi Protocol Aware System overview

The overview helps you to understand Ozone file system support, differences between flat namespace and hierarchical namespace, different bucket layouts, and their use cases.

Ozone natively provides Amazon S3 and Hadoop Filesystem compatible endpoints and is designed to work seamlessly with enterprise scale Data Warehousing, Batch Analytics, Machine Learning, Streaming Workloads, and so on. The prominent use cases based on the integration with storage service are mentioned below:
  • Ozone as a pure S3 object store semantics
  • Ozone as a replacement filesystem for HDFS to solve the scalability issues
  • Ozone as a Hadoop Compatible File System (HCFS) with limited S3 compatibility. For example, for key paths with “/” in it, intermediate directories will be created.
  • Multiprotocol access - Interoperability of the same data for various workloads.