Upgrading this feature from older Ozone version to 7.1.8

You must first upgrade Ozone and perform the pre and post finalization steps to use this feature.

  1. Pre-Finalization Phase: You can only create buckets with a LEGACY layout. If any client (old or new) tries to create a new bucket with OBJECT_STORE or FILE_SYSTEM_OPTIMIZED layout, this request is blocked.
  2. Post-Finalization Phase:
    1. New Clients: Full Bucket Layout feature is available.
    2. Old Clients: You cannot interact with any buckets that are not in LEGACY layout. This means they cannot talk to FSO or OBS buckets. Ozone displays the UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION exception in all such cases. For example, attempts to create directories and keys, list status, read bucket info, and so on will also display an UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION exception