Configuration to create bucket with default layout

You must set the following configuration in Cloudera Manager to create a bucket with default layout.

In Cloudera Manager, you must configure ozone-site.xml to define the default value for bucket layout during bucket creation if the client has not specified the bucket layout argument. Supported values are OBJECT_STORE, FILE_SYSTEM_OPTIMIZED, and LEGACY.

By default, this configuration value is empty. Ozone will default to FILE_SYSTEM_OPTIMIZED bucket layout if it finds an empty configuration value. You must add the below property and provide the value.

  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager UI
  2. Navigate to Clusters
  3. Select the Ozone service
  4. Go to Configurations
  5. Search for the ozone.default.bucket.layout configuration
    1. Select the bucket type
    2. Click Save Changes
    3. Restart the Ozone service