Cruise Control Rebase Summary

In Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9, Cruise Control is rebased to the 2.5.116 version. Other than the added new feature, several issues are fixed and several features are enhanced to have a better perfomance when using Cruise Control.

Table 1. Fixed Issues
PR-1758 Fix request log to write to configured CruiseControlPublicAccessLogger
PR-1847 Fix minor logging issues
PR-1875 Fix the BrokerFailureDetector doesn't work issue
PR-1901 Fix failedBrokers.txt permissions
PR-1939 Address issues with Vertx based Swagger UI
PR-1949 Fix the response code to 202 for in-progress request
Table 2. Version Update
PR-1810 Bump vulnerable transitive jackson-databind dependency
PR-1811 BPin jackson-databind to resolve CVE-2020-36518
PR-1815 Bump swagger-parser for CVE-2020-36518
PR-1855 Upgrade Netty and Jetty versions for CVE fixes
PR-1861 Downgrade netty and jetty dependencies to a safer version
PR-1902 Bump fastxml dependencies to fix a Hich CVE score for the org.yaml:snakeyaml package
PR-1926 chore: bump fastxml dependencies to fix a Hich CVE score
PR-1928 Bumped dependency swagger-parser-v3 version to latest 2.1.3
PR-1937 Bump scala version to 2.13.10 (CVE-2022-36944)
Table 3. Goal Improvements
PR-1809 Add BrokerSetAwareGoal
PR-1857 Add more details to the goals config description
PR-1919 Add fixability metrics to GoalOptimizer
Table 4. Feature Maintenance
PR-1789 Update BrokerFailureDetector to use AdminClient clusters PR-1897 Add more logging to SlowBrokerFinder
PR-1803 Cleanups for running without ZooKeeper PR-1895 Rename the getGoalsByPriority to getDefaultGoalsByPriority
PR-1825 Remove execution tasks that has in-movement partitions from re-execution candidate PR-1889 Display the brokerSet id in kafka_cluster_state endpoint
PR-1830 Make the retrieval of the desired replication factor of sample store topics more robust PR-1910 Future-proof for Kafka 3.3 for KafkaYammerMetrics class name changes
PR-1831 Allow fraction CPU core capacity values PR-1914 Fix leader replica cpu util when leader egress is zero
PR-1839 Update the numCore type to double in BasicStats PR-1921 Add based API with swagger UI
PR-1841 Update NumCore type in brokerStats.yaml PR-1941 Log broker-set resolution error only when BrokerSetAwareGoal is in default goal list
PR-1848 Enable users to get remote-storage-enabled of topics in kafka_cluster_state PR-1967 Add metrics to reflect the partition movement speed
PR-1867 Make Prometheus broker cpu metric query configurable PR-1968 Implement concurrency adjuster for each individual broker
PR-1879 Handle the inconsistency between clusterModel and kafka metadata during update topic configuration PR-1977 Add brokerSet to JSON API response
PR-1881 Mute KafkaCruiseControlConfig logs during anomaly detection PR-1980 Dynamically adjust the executionProgressCheckIntervalMs based on execution status
PR-1884 Make sure the provision response is always RIGHT_SIZED if it is not OVER_PROVISIONED PR-1983 Add initialized state to concurrency adjuster and avoid null for the metric value
PR-1891 Make the state output easier to read PR-1985 Remove initialized check when get concurrency summary