Known issues in Streams Messaging Manager

Learn about the known issues in Streams Messaging Manager, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

OPSAPS-59597: SMM UI logs are not supported by Cloudera Manager
Cloudera Manager does not display a Log Files menu for SMM UI role (and SMM UI logs cannot be displayed in the Cloudera Manager UI) because the logging type used by SMM UI is not supported by Cloudera Manager.
View the SMM UI logs on the host.
OPSAPS-59553: SMM's bootstrap server config should be updated based on Kafka's listeners
SMM does not show any metrics for Kafka or Kafka Connect when multiple listeners are set in Kafka.
SMM cannot identify multiple listeners and still points to bootstrap server using the default broker port (9093 for SASL_SSL). You would have to override bootstrap server URL (hostname:port as set in the listeners for broker). Add the bootstrap server details in SMM safety valve in the following path:
Cloudera Manager > SMM > Configuration > Streams Messaging Manager Rest Admin Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for streams-messaging-manager.yaml > Add the following value for bootstrap servers>Save Changes > Restart SMM.
streams.messaging.manager.kafka.bootstrap.servers=<comma-separated list of brokers>
CDPD-45183: Kafka Connect active topics might be visible to unauthorised users
The Kafka Connect active topics endpoint (/connectors/[***CONNECTOR NAME***]/topics) and the Connect Cluster page on the SMM UI disregard the user permissions configured for the Kafka service in Ranger. As a result, all active topics of connectors might become visible to users who do not have permissions to view them. Note that user permission configured for Kafka Connect in Ranger are not affected by this issue and are correctly applied.
CDPD-46728: SMM UI shows the consumerGroup instead of the instances on the Profile page's right hand side
On the ConsumerGroupDetail page, SMM UI shows the group instead of its instances on the right hand side table.
CDPD-47836: The FROM OFFSET field of the offset slider in Data Explorer does not update on partition change
When changing the partition on the Data Explorer tab of a topic, the FROM OFFSET field of the offset slider is not updated to reflect the first offset of the newly selected partition. If the first offset of the newly selected partition differs from the previous one, the application throws an error. This issue only affects the Data Explorer tab, which is accessed from the topic details page of a topic. This issue does not affect the Data Explorer modal window, which is accessed by clicking next to the name of a topic.
After selecting a new partition, refresh the page. Alternatively, use the Data Explorer modal window.


CDPD-36422: 1MB flow.snapshot freezes Safari
While importing large connector configurations, flow.snapshots reduces the usability of the Streams Messaging Manager when using Safari browser.
Use a different browser (Chrome/Firefox/Edge).