What's New in Apache HBase

Learn about the new features of Apache HBase in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

HBase supports JDK 17

HBase supports Oracle JDK version 17.0.6 starting from CDP Runtime 7.1.9. For more information on JDK 17, see Java Requirements.

HBase rebase to 2.4.17

CDP Private Cloud Base is updated to use Apache HBase version 2.4.17 and Apache HBase Thirdparty to base version 4.1.1 for a smoother and better functionality. Upgrade your HBase client applications for seamless connectivity.

HBase supports Snappy with /tmp directory mounted with noexec option

In Cloudera Manager, the Snappy temporary directory configuration item is added to HBase Master and HBase RegionServer to allow Snappy compression when /tmp directory is mounted with noexec option.

Operating system support

HBase is now supported on the following operating systems:

  • RHEL-9.1
  • RHEL-8.8
  • RHEL-8.8 FIPS
  • Oracle-8.8 UEK
  • SLES-15 SP4 for x86