What's New in Apache Iceberg

Learn about the new feature Iceberg in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

Apache Iceberg general availability

Apache Iceberg 1.3 is now generally available (GA) in CDP Private Cloud Base. Iceberg integration with CDP enhances the Cloudera open Lakehouse architecture in your own data center, or for a hybrid on-prem/cloud use case, by extending multifunction analytics to petabyte scale.

Apache Iceberg integration in CDP brings with it industry first support for:
  • Apache Spark applications with full support for both read and write operations
  • High-performance BI query engine powered by Apache Impala
  • Streaming analytics powered by Apache Flink
  • Real time streaming powered by Apache Nifi
  • Iceberg replication using Replication Manager

From Impala, Spark, Flink*, or Nifi*, you can now use Apache Iceberg features, which include time travel, rollback, in-place table migration, schema evolution, and in-place partition evolution. Iceberg queries from Apache Hive are not supported in this release.

* Standalone SKU required