Prometheus for SMM limitations

Learn about the known issues and limitations, the areas of impact, and workaround while using Prometheus for Streams Messaging Manager (SMM).

  • Prometheus is not managed by Cloudera Manager. You should start Prometheus right after Kafka startup because certain metrics are stateful within Kafka and might cause the initial scrape metric values for Prometheus to be high. The stateful metrics accumulate the values from several Kafka restarts until the initial scrape, and accumulate the values between consecutive scrapes.
  • You need to configure the scrape interval to 60 seconds.
  • SMM supports Prometheus 2.25 and above versions.
  • SMM supports Linux 1.1.2 and above versions of node exporters.
  • Depending on the number of entities (topics, partitions, consumers, and producers), memory requirements for Prometheus might vary.