Managing and monitoring Kafka Connect using Streams Messaging Manager

Get started with Kafka Connect in Streams messaging Manager (SMM).

Kafka Connect is a tool for streaming data between Apache Kafka and other systems in a reliable and scalable fashion. Kafka Connect makes it simple to quickly define connectors that move large collections of data into and out of Kafka. Source connectors can ingest entire databases or collect metrics from all your application servers into Kafka topics, making the data available for stream processing with low latency. Sink connectors can deliver data from Kafka topics into secondary storage and query systems or into batch systems for offline analysis.

Kafka Connect in CDP is shipped with many different Cloudera developed as well as publicly available sink and source connectors. Each of which cover a specific use case for streaming data. In addition to the connectors available by default, installing custom developed or third-party connectors is also possible. All connectors can be deployed, managed, and monitored using the Streams Messaging Manager UI (recommended), Streams Messaging Manager REST API, or Kafka Connect REST API.