Create and Run a Note

Use the following steps to create and run an Apache Zeppelin note.

To create a note:

  1. Click "Create new note" on the welcome page, or click the "Notebook" menu and choose "+ Create new note."
  2. Type your commands into the blank paragraph in the new note.

When you create a note, it appears in the list of notes on the left side of the home page and in the Notebook menu. By default, Zeppelin stores notes in the $ZEPPELIN_HOME/notebook folder.

To run your code:

  1. Click the triangle button in the cell that contains your code:

  2. Zeppelin displays status near the triangle button: PENDING, RUNNING, ERROR, or FINISHED.
  3. When finished, results appear in the result section below your code.

The settings icon (outlined in red) offers several additional commands:

These commands allow you to perform several note operations, such as showing and hiding line numbers, clearing the results section, and deleting the paragraph.