Working with Zeppelin Notes

This section provides an introduction to Apache Zeppelin notes.

An Apache Zeppelin note consists of one or more paragraphs of code, which you can use to define and run snippets of code in a flexible manner.

A paragraph contains code to access services, run jobs, and display results. A paragraph consists of two main sections: an interactive box for code, and a box that displays results. To the right is a set of paragraph commands. The following graphic shows paragraph layout.

Zeppelin ships with several sample notes, including tutorials that demonstrate how to run Spark scala code, Spark SQL code, and create visualizations.

To run a tutorial:

  1. Navigate to the tutorial: click one of the Zeppelin tutorial links on the left side of the welcome page, or use the Notebook pull-down menu.
  2. Zeppelin presents the tutorial, a sequence of paragraphs prepopulated with code and text.
  3. Starting with the first paragraph, click the triangle button at the upper right of the paragraph. The status changes to PENDING, RUNNING, and then FINISHED when done.
  4. When the first cell finishes execution, results appear in the box underneath your code. Review the results.
  5. Step through each cell, running the code and reviewing results.