Installing the and dependencies

The cloudera-manager-cnav must be installed manually on the host where you plan Atlas server to be installed during the upgrade to Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

First access to the cloudera-manager-cnav OS package must be established from CDH 6.3.4 version and later install the cloudera-manager-cnav OS package.
  1. Establish access to cloudera-manager-cnav OS package on the planned Atlas host. Follow the Cloudera Manager 6.3 Installation Guide with the following link in the repository:

    You can also download the cnav tool related to Cloudera Manager 6.2.x version from the following link:

    The supported OS versions for the cloudera-manager-cnav OS package are:
    • Debian 8
    • Redhat 6
    • Redhat 7
    • SLES 12
    • Ubuntu 1604
    • Ubuntu 1804
  2. You must install the cloudera-manager-cnav OS package for the following operating systems.

On Red Hat/CentOS/SLES operating systems:

  • yum install cloudera-manager-cnav
  • zypper install cloudera-manager-cnav

On Debian/Ubuntu operating systems:

  • apt install cloudera-manager-cnav
Run the extraction.