Migrating Navigator when upgrading Cloudera Manager 6 with CDH 6 clusters

Learn about migrating Cloudera Navigator to Atlas while upgrading your CDH 6 clusters with Cloudera Manager 6 version to Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9 version.

Before you plan to upgrade Cloudera Manager 6 with the CDH 6 version, you must note the following.
  • Cloudera Manager 6 version does NOT contain the cnav.sh script.
  • A new PATCH-5672 is available which contains Cloudera Manager 6.3.4 that includes the log4j and Navigator fixes.
  • The patched version of Cloudera Manager 6.3.4 version contains the cnav.sh tool as the separate cloudera-manager-cnav OS package.
  • If you are on Cloudera Manager 6.3.4 release, it is not required to upgrade Cloudera Manager to the patched version of 6.3.4. Cloudera recommeds to install cloudera-manager-cnav OS package directly on the host where the Atlas role instance is planned to be installed.
For Cloudera Manager version 6, the cnav.sh script and its dependencies can be installed using the cloudera-manager-cnav OS package. This package can be installed on any version (patched or GA) version of Cloudera Manager 6.3.4 version. The cloudera-manager-cnav OS package must be uninstalled before upgrading the Cloudera Manager.

You must configure the local package repository to the version of the patch that is made available. Later, you must install the cloudera-manager-cnav OS package.

Note: Prior upgrading to Cloudera Manager 7.11.3 or higher, the Cloudera Manager repository must be changed to the repository of PATCH-XXXX to be able to install cloudera-manager-cnav OS package. (Actual patch number is: PATCH-5672).