Component Memory CPU Disk
Hue Server
  • Minimum: 4 GB
  • Maximum 10 GB
  • If the cluster uses the Hue load balancer, add additional memory
Minimum: 1 Core to run Django

When Hue is configured for high availability, add additional cores

Minimum: 10 GB for the database, which grows proportionally according to the cluster size and workloads.

When Hue is configured for high availability, add space is required for the /tmp (temporary) directory, approximately 5GB.

The term "cluster size" refers to the number of nodes in the cluster. "Workload" in Hue means the number of queries run and the number of concurrent unique users using the application in a given period of time.

A minimum of 10GB is needed for the database. The Hive MetaStore service largely uses the database. The database grows in size quickly because of the query history that it retains. To optimize performance, you must regluarly cleanup old documents and queries.