Before upgrading any cluster

To perform an HDP intermediate bits upgrade using Ambari, your cluster must meet certain prerequisites. Meeting these prerequisites is essential for Ambari to know that the cluster is in a healthy operating mode and can successfully manage the upgrade process.

For any Cluster

Disk Space: Be sure to have adequate space on /usr/hdp for the target HDP version. Each complete install of an HDP version occupies about 10GB of disk space.

Ambari Agent Heartbeats: All Ambari Agents must be communicating and heartbeating to Ambari Server. Any hosts that are not heartbeating must be in Maintenance mode.

Hive Upgrade: The upgrade process does not back up the Hive Metastore, nor does it compact ACID tables. Before upgrading Hive, you must:
  • Manually back up your Hive metastore database.
  • If you have ACID tables in your Hive metastore database, enable ACID operations using Ambari Web or set Hive configuration properties to enable ACID.

Host Maintenance Mode

The following two scenarios are checked:

  • Any hosts in Maintenance mode must not be hosting any Service Master Components.
  • Any host in Maintenance Mode that is not hosting Master Components is allowed but you will receive a warning. You can proceed with the upgrade. But these hosts will not be upgraded and before finalising the upgrade, you must delete these hosts from the cluster.

Service Maintenance Mode: No services can be in Maintenance mode, except for Ambari Metrics System, SmartSense, and Log Search.

Services Started: All services must be started, except for Ambari Metrics System, SmartSense, and Log Search.

Service Checks: All service checks must pass. Be sure to run Service Actions > Run Service Check on all services (and remediate if necessary) prior to attempting an HDP upgrade.