Run the extraction

You can run the extraction in the background as soon as the CDP runtime parcel is deployed. To customize and run the extraction command

  1. Go back to the editor where you saved the extraction commands, from Copy the extraction command text from the step "Click Add Atlas Service."
  2. Open a terminal window or command prompt where you have access to the cluster.
  3. Using the provided command, SSH into the Atlas host.
  4. Make sure the JAVA_HOME variable is set; if it is not set, run the export command pointing to the location of the JDK.
  5. Customize the extraction command to include the Navigator admin user and password.
  6. Run the extraction command. When the extraction is complete, a status message is displayed in the command output.

    If Navigator is configured with TLS/SSL enabled, the cnav script needs the following credential information:

    • Truststore path
    • Truststore password
    • Keystore path
    • Keystore password

    To make these parameters available, run the following commands before running the cnav script:

    export KEYSTORE_PATH=<keystore-path>; 
    export KEYSTORE_PASSWORD=<keystore-password>;
    export TRUSTSTORE_PATH=<truststore-path>; 
    export TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORD=<truststore-password>
    For example, the command sequence might look similar to the following (line breaks are introduced for readability):
    export KEYSTORE_PATH=/opt/cloudera/CMCA/trust-store/acme_truststore.jks; exportKEYSTORE_PASSWORD=Q01FAeH53dn1HLY74D68Kk1yMAQVGtOI_cLznArccid48DDzS0VXY-DWnzpz0Ug10BvikGMoovYaZT2EEEdBGgLPiDCRKHyzFExE3OITRGazjKPtZxAaXOUzgKMMmQQgJKw-5JW9I6WgLGBhCpKfBa7vP3z6PFtm6XfYB-o3R6qmcdzZLwslDIQ18mowuFV1ouQIzA;export
              TRUSTSTORE_PATH=/var/lib/cloudera-scm-agent/agent-cert/cm-auto-host_keystore.jks; export TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORD=123420978alngdfdfjliaiu; /opt/cloudera/cm-agent/service/navigator/ -n
              https://acme-finance-1.acme-finance:7187 -u admin -p adminpass -c "Cluster 2" -o