How much time should I plan for to complete my upgrade?

An in-place upgrade can take a variable amount of time to complete. Learn about how to plan for and shorten the amount of time required for your upgrade.

The amount of time required for an in-place upgrade depends on many factors, including:
  • The number of hosts in your clusters.
  • The mix of services you have deployed in your clusters.
  • The amount of data stored in your clusters.

Generally, an upgrade can be completed in 24-48 hours. Upgrades from HDP to CDP may take somewhat longer due to the Ambari to Cloudera Manager conversion process (AM2CM).

The following table provides some additional information to help you plan for your upgrade.

Table 1. Upgrade Time Planning
Component/Process Notes
Cloudera Runtime Parcel The Cloudera Runtime parcel must be distributed to all hosts before upgrading the hosts. Downloading the parcel directly from over the internet may add additional time. You can download the parcels and serve them from a local web server to decrease this time.

In addition, after downloading the parcels to a local repository, you can distribute them in advance of launching the upgrade wizard to save additional time.

Cloudera Manager You must upgrade Cloudera Manager before upgrading your clusters. Cloudera Manager can continue to mange older versions of Cloudera Runtime and CDH until the upgrade.
Cluster cold start The cluster will need to be restarted at least once during an in-place upgrade. The amount of time required for a restart depends on how many files and blocks are stored in the cluster and the number of hosts in the cluster.
Navigator to Atlas Migration Depending on the amount of data, this can take a significant amount of time. See Transitioning Navigator content to Atlas Transitioning Navigator content to Atlas
Hive The Hive strict managed migration process can take a significant amount of time. See for more information about mitigating that impact. See Understanding the Hive upgrade (CDH)
HBase checks While Running HBase checks does not take significant time, remediating any issues can take significant time. To save time during the upgrade, you can plan to do this before running the Upgrade Wizard.
Sentry to Ranger migration This process runs quickly and usually takes less than 20 minutes.
Solr export/backup This process depends on how much data has to be imported after the upgrade.