Test transitioned Solr configuration on a Cloudera Runtime cluster

Copy the upgraded Solr configuration to a test or development CDP cluster to test it for incompatibilities not detected by the upgrade script before you initiate the upgrade on your production environment.

To test the migrated configuration on a Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher cluster, you can either provision a new host in your upgraded Cloudera Manager 7 environment and add a Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher cluster using that host, or you can upgrade a development or test cluster to Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher. You can then use the Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher cluster to test the migrated configuration to make sure that it works on Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher before upgrading your production environment.

  1. Create a TAR file of the configuration files in the [***SOLR/METADATA/OUTPUT/DIRECTORY***] (in this example cr7-migrated-solr-config) directory and copy them over to a Solr host on the test CDP cluster.
    tar -czvf cr7-migrated-solr-config.tar.gz \
  2. On the Solr host in the test CDP cluster, extract the TAR file created in the previous step.
    tar -xzvf cr7-migrated-solr-config.tar.gz
  3. Kinit as a solr user in the test CDP cluster:
    kinit solr@EXAMPLE.COM

    Replace solr@EXAMPLE.COM with your Kerberos realm name.

  4. Run the following commands to create a Solr collection:
    solrctl instancedir --create /[***PATH/TO/MIGRATED/CONFIG***]/cr7-migrated-solr-config/configs/testcollection_config
    solrctl collection --create testcollection_config
    • Replace [***CONFIG***] with the name of the configuration (NOT the name fo the collection) that you want to test.
    • Replace [***PATH/TO/MIGRATED/CONFIG***] with the path to where you extracted cr7-migrated-solr-config.tar.gz.

    If Kerberos is enabled and configured ZooKeeper Access Controll Lists (ACLs), specify your JAAS configuration file by adding the --jaas parameter to the command. For example:

    solrctl --jaas $HOME/solr-jaas.conf \
    instancedir --create testcollection_config \
    solrctl collection --create testcollection_config
  5. Check the Solr web UI on the host where the above collections were created, and make sure the collection is created.
  6. Repeat the above steps for all collections you want to transition to CDP.