Applications Upgrade

After you upgrade, you must test all the services that run on your platform.

Ideally, you should have an indicative subset of jobs from your workloads. These are the tasks that you should have identified and run before the upgrade allowing you to compare pre-upgrade versus post-upgrade test results. These tests should also include any parts of the application that required code changes due to the changes in the platform. For example, to cater for changes in Hive managed versus external tables. The tests should also include a performance test. This can help to highlight missed or wrong configuration settings or point to other issues with the upgrade. Depending on your environment, perform these steps.

  1. Update application code with changes required by the upgraded platform
  2. Update the dependencies in the pom.xml file for custom jar files used in your applications to use the new dependencies for CDP.
  3. Restart applications
  4. Test the applications and verify they are functioning and performing as they were prior to upgrade