Backup HDP services 3.1.5 from CDP 7.1.x

You must take a backup of HDP services before rolling back from CDP to HDP.

Automated Backup

The CMA Server takes the backup of everything except Ambari as it is not affected by the upgrade process. To back up Ambari, see the Back Up Ambari documentation.

Manual Backup

In case you skipped the Automated backup steps in CMA, then you can manually perform the following steps:
  • Backing up HDP cluster
  • Backup /etc config symlinks for all HDP services on all hosts by running the following command: cp -d /etc/<service>/conf /etc/<service>/conf.hdp.bak
  • Backup /etc/krb5.conf by running the following command: cp /etc/krb5.conf /etc/krb5.conf.bak