Expediting the Hive upgrade

Preparing the Hive metastore for the upgrade can take a long time. Checking and correcting your Hive metastore partitions and SERDE definitions is critical for a successful upgrade. If you have many tables and partitions, it might be difficult to manually identify these problems. The free Hive Upgrade Check tool helps identify these problems.

The Hive Upgrade Check tool is Community software that scans your Hive metastore to identify potential upgrade problems. You can also use the tool to perform the following tasks:

  • Convert legacy managed tables (non-acid) to external tables.

  • Report potential problems, such as tables that do not have matching HDFS directories, to resolve before the upgrade.

The cluster upgrade to CDP runs the Hive Strict Managed Migration (HSMM) process that performs the same tasks. During the cluster upgrade, you can skip the HSMM process, migrating none of your tables and database definitions.