Update permissions for Replication Manager service

After the upgrade process is complete, you must update the permissions in the Ranger audit log path in HDFS, so that the data replication using Replication Manager works as expected.

Perform the following steps to update the Ranger audit permissions:

  1. Add the user to the user-groups (supergroup, hdfs, hadoop) on all the hosts, including the source and target clusters.
    The user name you specify here is to be used in the Run as Username field when you create a replication policy to run the replication job.
  2. Provide “hive” user permissions in HDFS in the Ranger UI.
  1. To add the user to the user-groups, run the following commands:
    > sudo usermod -a -G hdfs [***user***]
    > sudo usermod -a -G hadoop [***user***]
    > id -Gn [***user***]
    > sudo groupadd supergroup
    > sudo usermod -a -G supergroup [***user***]
    > hdfs groups [***user***]
  2. To provide permissions for the Ranger audit log path in HDFS:
  • Log in to Ranger Admin UI.
  • Provide "hive" user permission to "all-path" in hdfs under the cm_hdfs section.